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Carved Wood Doors

Added : August 22nd, 2011

Deco Design Center use of hand sculptural carvings on carved wood doors stands above other architectural carvings from other door manufactures. Our wood craftsmen takes great care and detail to properly carve by hand and make a niche on their carving doors to really stand out.


These beautiful and elegant carved doors can look good in any design setting whether your home is in the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, South Florida, Texas or California. The really unique thing about  "carving designs" on doors is that they can be manufactured in standard one side only or on both sides.


Tooled by hand, these unique doors are art and glamorous itself. The natural tones of "solid Mahogany wood" provide rich contrasts that will captivate your family, friends or guest. These doors are solid and sturdy, and are made from the highest quality of natural wood certainly dry kiln by natural wood drying machines in the factory.


Deco Design Center precise knowledge of carved wood doors make them unique and exciting that will add to the decor of any custom home.


Deco Design Center trained and experienced craftsmen will make your carving doors a thing of beauty.


You can view many carved wood doors on our website to appreciate the uniqueness of the wood carvings and of course, you can purchase these carved wood doors in unfinished or finished with the natural wood tone stain-varnish colors.


MW-4100 Nassau






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