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Miami Double Entry Mahogany Impact Doors-Florida

Whether you want to create a bolder statement or simply need broader accessibility and home security, double entry Mahogany impact doors are a perfect fit for home owners that live in Florida, considered one of the most hurricane prone areas in the United States. Deco Design Center manufactures custom mahogany impact entrance doors in both single or double door designs. They have multilocks that they install on the impact doors that adds even more security against intruders, tropical storms or hurricanes. All solid wood impact doors by Deco Design Center are approved by Miami-Dade County for use in Florida for hurricane zones with a complete set of NOA's.

Add a high luxury style to your custom home with a double door system that compliments your entrance way. Any single door design in the Deco Design Center collection can be made into a double door with/without impact glass. They make double doors in the exact style you want and for both interior and exterior applications. These are perfect for bedroom doors, kitchens, dining room entrances, patio or French doors and even inviting main grand entranceways.

Now, you may be perplexed as to what makes a double door better than a single door. The reasons are really simple: a double door is a beautiful addition to your house; making it look bigger than single door, more open than a single door and making it look roomier than a single door. With a solid mahogany double door, moving furniture or that large plasma t.v. is made easier. From the outside, double wood glass doors give the house its personal character, and from the inside, they give you the light you need and the aesthetic appearance you want for your house and home decorating needs. If you want to see for yourself the double entry mahogany impact doors, then all you have to do, is visit the Deco Design Center webpage at where you will see color pictures of their designs. Are if it is a custom mahogany impact door that you require, just fax or email them your drawing, autocad or sketch, so they can quote you for free of course. When it comes to impact front doors, nothing is easier than dealing and purchasing with Deco Design Center located in Miami,Florida and like all their door or ornamental ironwork products, they ship all over the world.

Most models from our entrance doors collection are impact resistant with approval certification.

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Beautiful entrysets, interior locks, collections, mortise entrysets.

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Provides one of the most color matching and finish design.

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We have the expertise to design and create the perfect door for your home.

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