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Wood Doors

Wood doors make the first impression, but they also serve as a barrier between the hostile environment and the comfortable interior. The many benefits of wood have made it traditionally recognized as the ultimate in door designs and door construction. While wood doors contribute to the beauty of a structure's exterior design, they also provide protection against intruders, as they have a high resistance to forced entry and can be easily machined to accept a wide variety of security locks, multi-point locks and other door hardware. Many wood look-alike doors are being produced, but not many can measure up to the elegance of a 100% solid wood door from Deco Design Center, especially when enhanced with clear coatings, natural stains, or even paint in some instances.

Wood doors are natural insulators, not only retarding the flow of heat, but resisting the formation of condensation on the inside surface of the door with the proper overhang included. They do not freeze shut in cold climates or rust in damp ones. The warmth of wood comes from millions of tiny honeycomb cells between the wood fibers, which provide a high percentage of dead air volume, a well-known insulator. Did you know more energy is lost around a door than through it? The energy efficiency of an entryway has much to do with its design and the quality of the installation. A properly installed Deco Design Center solid wood door by a licensed door installer and modern tight fitting weather stripping will provide a tight, energy conserving entryway.

Deco Design Center mahogany or knotty alder wood doors has a beautiful natural grain, figure and color. It can be stained to harmonize with any decorative treatment. The many styles available in the wood doors category for Deco Design Center on their website add to the interior or exterior beauty and design of any building or home. Their wood doors are available in a variety of sizes, designs and types. They can be customized to all types of construction and architectural design. To enhance the natural beauty of wood, Deco Design Center doors can be stained to match the interior decor of a home, and can be refinished to keep up with changing color schemes. Precision-made wood exterior doors, frames and modern weather stripping are the ideal barrier to keep out cold, heat and dust. Wood doors have excellent resiliency and sound absorbing qualities, reducing the transmission of exterior sounds into homes or offices. Today and in the future, wood doors will be more durable and long lasting than ever before.

The beauty, versatility, warmth, durability and insulating properties of Deco Design Center wood solid doors have been time-proven. It's no surprise that today or in the past, many designers, architects, builders and home owners are making quality-crafted, high performance wood doors their first choice for their dream home, commercial buildings or villas. Deco Design Center has many options to choose from in wood doors and they invite you to visit their webpage or contact them for more information on solid mahogany doors or solid alder knotty entry and interior doors. Deco Design Center also offers interior wood doors, gates, railings, stairways and custom wood garage doors.

Most models from our entrance doors collection are impact resistant with approval certification.

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We have the expertise to design and create the perfect door for your home.

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